Who are we?

Hostels are usually just buildings. A space filled with rooms, beds, and a reception. Cypel Hostel, however, is all about people. This extraordinary project, aided by hundreds of crowdfunding contributions, was borne out of passion of the members of the ALTERATYWNY CYPEL Association. Cypel Hostel is located in the most stunning natural setting of Hel Peninsula. Thanks to the active spirit of its creators and the spontaneity of its guests, this place is full of positivity and boundless energy. You won't find another such hostel anywhere on the Polish coast.

Cypel Hostel - relaxation | music | culture

Why us?

In short: Cypel Hostel stands for low-priced accommodation, engaging cultural events, attractive recreational areas, and a unique atmosphere. A camping site is also available to our guests.


The hostel lies next to the very tip of Hel Peninsula – bordering the forest, natural sand dunes and the Baltic Sea.


Both the guests and the members of the Association running the hostel are full of passion and positive energy. Most of us speak English.


The size of our magical garden is almost 2,000 m2. This will allow you to contemplate nature, or enjoy yourself having a barbecue or a bonfire.


Our hostel often hosts interesting artistic and cultural events. It’s a place where you can meet a renowned musician, an artist or an adventurer in a friendly, informal setting.

Cypel Hostel guarantees a perfect rest for tired hikers, cyclists and divers.

What are the prices?

Twin room 59 79 99 79
4-person room 89 119 149 119
6-person room 109 159 189 159
8-person room 129 189 219 189
Accommodation in a multi-bed (shared) room 25 30 40 30
Caravan 50
Staying in a tent 18
Fee for a four-legged friend 9
One-time fee for bedding
if staying less than three nights
(otherwise free-of-charge)
Guest parking
(1 st car free, additional parking price per car)
Parking for camping site guests 12
Organised groups prices are set individually
Resort tax (per person/per night) 2

prices in Zloty (PLN)

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